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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 10:59 PM
I just uploaded  Murdoc's Fractured Stories. Peter Pan
Murdoc : Welcome back kiddies! It's time once again for my amazing bedtime stories! It's really been a while since we've done this...? Only because Kickski acts like a spoiled little bastard and demands to be made the main character of the stories.
Ray : What? I did not!
Lou : Niccals is right you know. You stopped turning up to these things after he told us the story of the Greasy Chef.
Murdoc : Ahem! Greedy...
Lou : Yes, it was very greedy of you to want to hog the limelight. (haughtily sticks his nose in the air. Murdoc raises an eyebrow at him)
Murdoc : No, the story was called the Greedy Chef.
Lou : (doesn't change his position or look around) That doesn't change the facts of the situation. It's all the same to me. (Murdoc thinks about it for a moment or two then shrugs and accepts it with a nod)
Ray : Hnnn.. *grumble*
Vince : All that matters is that we're all here.. *hugs Ray*
Kurt : Yo, what's the story this time? Is it something to do with a princess of s
 it's quite a long one because it's an adventure bedtime story.

Have fun reading it! :D :dance: Where's my cake? :hungry:

2012 :  Murdoc's Fractured Stories. Succubus
Murdoc : Insomnia? Both of you?
Kurt was sitting on his bed, covered himself in a blanket while Vince was standing beside him, holding a pillow. They were on Kurt's room.
Vince : Yes, maybe you will helped us with your bedtime story? I heard you often do it with 2D
Murdoc : I see your point, but why Stretch too? How come you develop an insomnia?
Kurt : Probably because I was tired? Anyway, I never had a bedtime story before
Vince : Same here
Murdoc : *smirk* I got one story in mind, I'm sure you all will like it
Vince leapt and sat beside Kurt, pillow still on his chest. Eager to hear it.
Murdoc : Okay, there was this demon called S-, err.. I forgot
Vince : You were forgot? Or..
Murdoc : Never mind, let's say.. There was a man, like me. Who good with ladies..and like me. This man was really tired after a long day of work being a famous bassist, uh.. I mean..
Kurt : Okay okay.. We get it
Murdoc : He finished his meal, shower and blah..blah.. Anyway, he's going to sleep. But when the clo
 2013 :  Murdoc's Fractured Stories. The Trained Goldfish
Murdoc : We're back again for more of my story time, kids! Plus, Vinnie has been having trouble sleeping lately!
Spyder : Really?
Vince : Sort of..the nightmares keep me awake every night..
Kurt : And you somehow expect that Mister N will help you sleep? *points at Murdoc*
Murdoc : Watch your mouth, Stretch! I got myself another nice story and you blowing it for everybody! This time it's 'The Trained Goldfish'
Ray : *whisper* Wanna bet it's gonna have another bad ending?
Lou : *whisper* You're on..
Murdoc : One day, there was a merchant named Kurt, he sells lots of sexy stuff, like briefs and condo-
Kurt : *roughly clears throat*
Murdoc : *ignores* While he was tending his market stall one day, a customer discovered that she didn't have enough money to pay for his stuff, so she gave him her goldfish instead.
Kurt : I'd prefer a duck, just a small one. (brings his thumb and index fingers together to show how small he means).
Murdoc : Quiet! You get a guppy and that's final! He took the

It's a long journey! I am happy with it, check the rest of the stories in…

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For those who haven't keep up with Vince story

- First Act (finished, comic) about Vince moving on and had to leave Evan

-Usual Day (delayed, literature) about Vince when he was a human, the story take place back in 2007

-Bloody Christmas Day ( ) about the night before Vince turns to God of Death

-Finding the Truth (not finished, literature) about Vince when he started become a God Of Death and had amnesia

-Finding the Truth -side story on Plastic Beach- (not finished, literature) about Vince when he arriving at Plastic Beach

-LoveSTrUCK (… ) about Vince and Kurt accidentaly eat love cookies

-Daily Life (… ) about daily days and funny stuff

-Vince's Past (not finished, comic) about Vince starting remembers about his forgotten past

-Lost Control (finished, comic) about his first lost control when he's not kill a person in 33 days

-Meeting (finished, comic) about him reuniting with his lover, Evan

-Encounter (finished, comic) about Evan misunderstood Vince

-Unexpected (finished, comic) about him went back to the 'Bloody Christmas Day' event

-Start Over (finished, comic) about him getting to introduce himself to whole new 'Spyder' (Ray)

-New Encounter (finished, comic) about him getting another lost control of himself

-A Job To Do (finished, comic) shorrt comic about him having a difficulty killing a person

-Serious Act (… ) about him living temporarily alone with Ray in the mansion, Dark Vince also born

-Final Act (… ) about Vince killing himself and Evan

-Whole New Day (… ) about Vince who being brought back to life and feeling guilty for killing Evan

-The Beginning (… ) about Vince trying to get Evan back

-Vince and Lou (… ) about Vince taught by Lou

-Vince vs Lou (delayed,… ) a sequel from Vince and Lou story

-Vince and Ray (cancelled,… ) The story about Vince spent days with Ray

-Passing Job (end, short story) The story about Vince tired with his job as God of Death

-Wings Sweet Wings (ongoing,… ) The story about Vince losts his wings


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