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Stuff you must look :D


Actually I just took it from Spyder-Cross

1. Full name: Vincent C.
2. Age: 23 (this Feb)
3. Birth Date: Feb 27, 1992
4. Birth Place: Indonesia
5. Gender: Male
6. Occupation: College Student that hasn't get a job
7. Primary School: What do you mean primary?
8. High School: Carolus Senior High School
10. Eye Colour: Black
11. Hair Colour: Black
12. Currently Living: Indonesia

13. Food: Italian food and Cream Soup
14. Drink: Coffee! :coffeecup:
15. Band/Singer: Not into them, gorillaz at least?
16. Song: Songs that sounded like El Manana (all that had a bit melancholic tune)
17. Movie: Cartoons
18. TV Show: I don't watch TV
19. Book: Comics..
20. Colour: Red or Black (though all my clothes mostly white)

Do you prefer...
21. Coke or Pepsi?: Pepsi
22. Anime or Disney?: Both I take, it's the animation I interested
23. Guys or Girls?: Guys
24. Lips or Eyes?: E-eyes? Okay, never mind. Stop staring! :blush:
25. Kisses or Hugs?: :huggle:
26. Eating or Drinking?: Eating
27. Novels or Comics?: I told you, comics!
28. Summer or Winter?: Winter
29. Outdoors or Indoors?: Indoors
30.Camera or Cellphone?: Cellphone
31. PS3 or Xbox 360?: PS3
32. TV or Computer?: Geez! I told you again, I don't watch TV! What's with this question?

Something personal...
33. Why did you choose your username? Abbreviation from Vyrezz, take the 'Vy' and add letter 'e'
34. What is your favourite piece of your own work? 2000 deviations and I can't choose even one... Sorry, it's too much, can't spend the whole day opening galleries

36. Look to your left. What is the first thing you see?: A wall *slam my head*
37. Now to your right: Far right? Window
38. Something you can't live without: Techs

The last...
39. Person you saw: My dad
40. Person you hugged: seriously, not even Merry Christmas or Happy New year kind of hug :x
41. Movie you watched: Horns
42. Song you listened to: O little town in U.S.A, your time has come to see~ :sing:
43. Book you read: *face palm* Next question!
44. Thing you ate/drank: Fried Potatoes and Coffee
45. Time you cried and why: When I was bullied, but I'm not gonna say when that happen
46. Time you laughed and why: I did smile a lot, but laugh? No..
47. Time you went out: This morning, to the market buying potatoes

The first...
48. Person you dated: ...never been on a date
49. Person you kissed: If you kissed me then it'll be my first kiss
50. Crush you had: Hmm...
51. Thing you think about when you wake up: Get up and check for my game's daily reward
52. Best friend you ever had: Two of my friends, but we separated because each of us went to different college
53. School you went to: Playgroup?
54. Big holiday you went on: Singapore
55. Award you got: For being a contestant, never won. Ever. That's why I dislike to join a competition

Have you ever...
56. Broken the law: Yes
57. Been arrested: No
58. Had a hangover: No
59. Been in hospital: Yes
60. Been in a car crash: No
61. Flown on a plane: Yes
62. Been on a boat: Yes
63. Travelled overseas: Yes
64. Had sex: No...
(Had to skip 2 questions here, they weren’t there to start with)
67. Been to a concert: No
68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something: You mean pretended to be asleep? Yes
69. Skipped school/work: Once
70. Broken a bone: No, I'm a careful guy

Deviant time...
71. Who is your closest friend on Deviant Art? :iconspyder-cross:
72. What is your favorite Deviation by them? Vince. by Spyder-Cross
73. Which Deviant's artwork do you like the most? Go look at my favourite folder, thank you
74. What is their greatest work? Show us: I told you to look at- gah!
75. Any favorite Deviant Art groups in mind?: I'm neutral at this one, all groups maybe?
76. What is your favorite artwork by the Founder of the group? Uh..?
77. The Co-Founder(s)? NiccalsNightstalker
78. How about the Contributors?: :shrug:
79. Who was your very first Watcher on Deviant Art? I forgot
80. What is your favorite artwork by them? Dunno

81. Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? No
82. Have you ever won a contest with your artwork? I don't like repeating words I have said! Next! 
83. Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art: Gorillaz by Shinohida I think....

84. Show us your most recent submission: Missed Timing by Vey-kun

85. Religion: Catholic, but only on my identity document
86. Social class: What?
87. Ethnicity: Again, whaaat?
88. Languages spoken: Indonesia (I couldn't speak or listening to English, only write and read)
89. A scar you have: .. *look at my skin* Well, I have few on my legs but other than that, no
90. Preferred medium: Huh? No fortune teller stuff for me
91. Where is your dream holiday location? I don't want to talk about it..
92. What are you wearing right now? My pyjamas?
93. What is the last thing you bought? 4 potatoes
94. When did you join Deviant Art? 2010

95. WHY did you join? My dad forced me (yep, I don't like dA back then)
96. What type of membership do you have? Just a deviant. The End
97. Are you playing The Game? The what?
98. Are you a member of any other websites? Does facebook or youtube counts?
99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones? Yeah, if it doesn't ask the same goddamn questions two or three times
100. You're DONE! Now, tag 5 friends: You come near me..and I'll touch you (ooh, threatening :D)

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Playing: Dragon Friends Green Witch


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